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Terms And Conditions
By registering and becoming a member of, these terms will automatically apply to you. You should make sure therefore that you read them carefully before using the app.
  • Membership Activation Apps download and class browsing is free. When member wants to book a class, apps page will show payment page in order to sign up for full membership.
  • Membership Cancellation membership cancellation at any time, no cancellation fee. Please note cancellation takes around 3 days before account is deactivated. Please plan your cancellation carefully.
  • Re-activation Fee When member has cancelled and wanted to re-activate the account, there is re-activation fee of Rp. 350.000,-.
  • Membership Status 1 membership is only effective for 1 identity. Sharing membership is not allowed.
  • Payment When membership is effective, monthly payment is charged to registered credit card.
  • Photo ID Photo ID is required for the validation of membership. You have taken a photo upon registration. Photo ID is valid for 1 year and renewed yearly. If members want to change picture, please contact FitAccess (FA)
  • Pricing Monthly membership fee is subject of change according to the situation.
  • Price Promotions Price promotion depends on the duration of each promotion. Please check your registered email for the end promotion time.
  • Class Booking Class booking is done through FA applications. The latest time to book a class depends on each club's regulation but before the session in schedule starts.
  • Booking Cancelation Booking cancellations can be done before the cancellation deadline. Check "My bookings" to cancel class and to check latest cancelation time. Please make sure to cancel class if you cannot attend.
  • Class Cancelation Occasionally class can be cancelled for external reasons (e.g. sick instructor, flooding, renovation, etc). Please check on "my booking" so see the latest status.
  • Attendance Attendance will be confirmed by matching members booking and photo ID at the club. Club has the right to reject/refused admittance when photo ID does not match with member registration. Its members' responsibility to submit an accurate photo.
  • Penalty Members that book a class but do not come without cancelling the booking will be charged a penalty of Rp. 100.000. It is unfair to keep an empty space, while someone else could have enjoyed the class.
  • Confirmation Inaccuracy Please report to FA if members has evidence that the club has not confirm them accurately.
  • Exercise Frequency Unlimited everywhere as long as only 3x per month in the same Club.
  • Number of booking at a time 4 bookings at any given time, but when members already did a class, members can add another booking.
  • Class Offerings Class availability and offerings will be based according to the clubs decision.
Risk and liabilities
  • Unethical Practice FA is entitled to banned or cancel membership when FitAccess suspect there is an unethical conduct.
  • Risk Members agree to participate in each exercise voluntarily with their own risk.
  • Special Class Requirement Class listing with a description: "Requirement: Press Details" are class with special requirement. Please press detail to prepare for such class.
  • Clubs Regulations every club has its own regulations term, members have to agree on each class rules.

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